The second Chogtrul Rinpoche, Thubten Jigmed Shedrub Chokyi Dawa Jampal Gyepai Dorje, was born in 1894, the fifteenth rabjung year of the wood horse, into the family heritage of Kunzang Sherab. The second Chogtrul Rinpoche was an emanation of Zitrul Jamyang Sherab Chokyi Nangwa, who was an emanation of the fifth throne holder Karma Lhawang. Although formally recongnized as Zitrul Chokyi Nangwa's incarnation, Jampa Chodzin,the Mahasiddha of Tsangkor, and others said he was definitely an incarnation of Gyatrul Rinpoche.

The second Chogtrul Rinpoche was enthroned as a child at the Palyul monastery. He received, from the third Karma Kuchen Rinpoche, every possible teaching and, from Garwang Tendzin, all of the mind ripening commentaries, empowerments and transmissions in his own Palyul tradition. He received many teachings on the sutras and tantras form Khewang Sonam Palden and Dodrub Khenpo Kamme. Chogtrul Rinpoche's diligence in strudy,coupled with his inherent intelligence, made him an unequalled and superb scholar. In a previous lifetime, he had been the head lama of Seramonastery, which is a major monastery in the Gelug tradition. Due to the ripening of habitual impressions from that lifetime, he was very fond of the Gelug tradition and always carried the collected works of Je Tsongkhapa, the founder of the Gelug order, with his wherever he went. In addition, he was never separated from the Seven Great Treasure Volumes of Longchenpa.

From Kathog Situ Chokyi Gyatso, Chogtrul Rinpoche received full ordination in the lineage of Shantirakshita and the name Thubten Jigmed Shedrub Chokyi Dawa Trinley Rabgye Palzanpo.Hebecame a perfect upholder of the vinaya rules of conduct. In addition to ordination, Chogtrul Rinpoche received the Gongdu accomplishment empowerment from Kathog Situ Rinpoche. He received complete teaching on the Non-Dual Great Seal Mahamudra-Great Perfection Ati Yoga, the Rinchen Ter Dzod (Precious Terma Treasury)empowerments and transmissions and the ocean-like transmissions of kama and terma from the second Pedma Norbu Rinpoche, Chokyi Lango. Whether traveling or remaining at his own Darthang monastery,he always maintained his regular daily practice schedule. The amount of root recitations and accomplishment practices of the Three Roots and dharmapalas of kama and terma that he fully accomplished is beyond number.Aithough Chogtrul Rinpoche received clear signs of accomplishment in all practices, he took great care to conceal these signs from others.Chogtrul Rinpoche visited Golog, Serthar and Gyarong on several occasions to bestow major empowerments and transmissions on countless devotees. Sinece most of the monasteries in those areas had been damaged by war, Chogtrul Rinpoche worked to restore them bye provideing financial and material assistance. The kindness he showed to the Palyul tradition was boundless.

In the mother Palyul monastery, the three supports of the doctrine had been dismatled by bandits from Chagtreng, a region in Kham.Chogtrul Rinpoche restored the mother monastery and built a beautiful new gold and copper pagoda on the top of the Chagdra Lhosar temple. He made many generous offerings, wighout any partiality, to the greater sangha commiunities extending from Amdo to Palyul.

The Chinese soldiers had damaged Darthang monastery so badly that it was practically gutted. Chogtrul Rinpoche worked to fully restore Darthang and then filled it with new imagtes, the Kagyur, Tengyur and hundreds of important scriptures. Hebuilt a new golden temple and filled it with the three supports of the doctrine.Restoring his own personal residence, Thongo Ladrang, he maintained that as his seat for the duration of his life.

Chogtrul Rinpoche began the traditional yarney (rainy season retreat)with three hundred novice and fully-ordained monks.Building a new scholastic college, he propagated the major teachings of the sutras and tantras. In 1940, the year of the Iron Dragon, he traveled to the Palyul monastery to receive from Kathog Khenpo Legshed Jordan, the Anu Yoga empowerment, Drangtsi Chu Gyum (*Continual Flow of Nectar)and many other important empowerments.

In the year of the Iron Snake, Chogtrul Rinpoche traveled to Gojo to give empowerments and teachings in all the branch monasteries and establishj mony profond spiritual connections.While visit Rago Chogtrul Rinpoche, they had pleasant conversations and exchanged empowerments. Following this Chogtrul Rinpoche traveled to central Tibet to visit the three great dharma centers of Samye,Lhasa and Tradrug,making boundless offerings in these holy power sites.He then visited Sera,Drepung,Danden, Tashi Lhunpo,Tsurphu and the upper and lower tantric colleges,making generous offerings to all the sangha communities.After visiting all the major and minor centers of Ningmapa pratice, such as Dorje Trag,Mindroling and Palri Thekchog Ling,he returned to Palyul in 1943,the year of water sheep.Upon his return he gave the great Rinchen Ter Dzod(Precious Terma Treasure) empowerments to the present third Pedma Norbu Rinpoche;the two tulkus of Gochen;tulkus from the monasteries of Gojo;the khenpos of Kathog and Palyul and many monks. the transmissions for these empowerments were given by Palyul's Khenpo Lodro. Following this,Chopgtrul Rinpoche gave the Nam Cho ngundro(Preliminary Practice Teachings)to the third Drubwang Pedma Norbu,the second Dzongnang Chogtrul Jampal Lodro and others.When Khenpo Legshed Jordan arrived,Chogtrul Rinpoche gave the Rinche Ter Dzod's innermost secret empowerments and transmissions,as well as the Medicine Deity Kama empowerments,according to the third Pedma Norbu and full ordination to many others.

In 1994,the year of the wood Monkey,he returned to his Darthang monastery to give the Nam Cho empowerments and transmissions,the teaching of the Great Perfection Buddha in the Palm of the hand,clear light togyal and Ratna Lingpa's revelations to the third Pedma Norbu,to Dzongnang Rinpoche and others.After receiving the precious Kagyur transmission from Lama Pedma Jigmed,Chogtrul Rinpoche went to the scared place of Avalokiteshvara,called Dungri,in Gyarong,and entered into solitary retreat.

In 1957,the yaer of fire bird,two years before th Chinese troops took complete contol of Darthang monastery,Chogtrul Rinpoche casually told many of his disciples that he felt it was no longer benefitcial for him to remain in thword.Immediately. the khenpos,tukus and many other monks gathered together to make formal requests to Chogtrul Rinpoche to remain loger.In addition,they performed many extensive long life ceremonies in his honor.Chogtrul Rinpoche the told his disciples they would have the opportunity to perform all the appropriate offering ceremonies if he passed away at this time,but since they insisted ,he would vlive a few more years.

Two years went by and in 1959 the Chinese troops took over Darthang monastery and the surrounding areas,capturing and imprisoning Chogtrul Rinpoche at Chedri labor camp.They imprisoned many of Darthang's khenpo,tulkus and important monks.Searal days before the scheduled public torture of Chogtrul Rinpoche,the senior khenpo of Darthang requested Chogtrul Rinpoche to depart immediately for the pure realms.He also requested that Chogtrul Rinpoche take his principal discip[les with him.Two hours later,while reciting the Arya's Prayer for Excellent Conduct,Chogtrul Rinpoche reached the stanza which reads,"For however vast the space may be,all sentient beings,without exception,are as vast.The Karma and delusions of sentient beings are equally as vast,as is the extent of this prayer." Without any indication of physical illness or pain,Chogtrul Rinpoche dissolved his mind directly into the sphere of truth. the next day,the khenpo and three other tulkus suudenly passed from this world.

The author received this information regarding the passing of Chogtrul Rinpoche from Rinpoche's personal attendant,Trochu Pedma Dorje.After Chogtrul Rinpoche poassed away,the Chinese Communists threw his precious body into a mass grave.A Chinese man,presaent at the time,later told Tulku Lhumpo of Darthang monastery where Chogtrul Rinpoche's remains could be found.In 1982,Tulku Lhumpo,along with searal tulkus and monks,found the remains and the clothes that he was wearing still intact.After carfully removing his precious bones and relics,they returned them to Darthang monastery.There they built a beautiful gold and copper stupa, one story high, and placed within it the remains of this extraordinary guru. This sacred stupa is presently an object of refuge and pilgrimage for the faithful in Tibet. Chogtrul Rinpoche's incarnation was born in the holy land of the Darjeeling, India, in 1966. He was obtained and was under the guidance of the third Drubwang Pedma Norbu Rinpoche.