A prophecy from Terton Sangngag Lingpa's revelations states,"The second fortunate rebirth will manifest in the western direction of Kathog.He will be an emanation of the dharma minister Karchen Gyal and will bear the name Maha Tsina (China).With great strength and courage,he will clarify the doctrines of sutra and tantra."

Just as it was predicted,in 1830, the fourteenth rabjung year of the iron Tiger,Gytrul Rinpoche was born into the royal heritage of the Chinese emperor's minister,in Tsakho Gyakha Bhoto village of Gyalmo Tsawai-rong. At the time of his birth,there were many astonishing signs and ,as a child, he displayed unsual signs of having awakened his innate pure awareness. While at play with other children,he would hold his vital air and ,barefooted,balance himself on the point of a sharp knife.By receiving just one simple gesture,he would comprehend reading,writing all subjects,as though he never forgot what he had learned in previous lifetimes. Because of these extraordinary sihns of accomplishment, it was very easy forKarma Gyurmed to recognize him as the incarnation of Kunzang Sherab and to begin to make the necessary arrangements to obtain him.

When the direct disciple of Karma Gyurmed.Uncle Sangye Yeshe,heard of Karma Gyurmed's arrangements to obtain the youth tulku,he was alarmed because he knew the custom of that area of Gyaarong was to make very generous offerings to the parents of tulkus in order to gain their consent to relinquish the child to the monastery.Therefor,Uncle Sangye Yeshe suggested that they only tell the parents that the child was of special rebirth and that he should besent immediately to the Palyu monastery in order to avoid any obstacles.Karma Gyurmed followed Uncle's suggestion and ,in this way, he was able to easily obtain the youth reincarnate.

When Gyatrul Rinpoche was ten years old,he received the Nam Cho Perfection preliminary practices from Lama Sangye Yeshe at Sadu Pedma Odling monastery.While Gyatrul Rinpoche practiced ,he renounced from the very depth of his heart attraction to the pleasures of this world.His conviction to fully accomplish pure dharma was effortlessly born.

At this point in his youth life,he clearly recalled his past lifetimes as Rongton Shung-gya Shakya Gyaltan and Kunzang Sherab,remembering also the area of Sangphu Neu Thong,where he had previously lived,the exact layout of the Palyu monastery,past events that had occured there and other additional information.As a child,,he often told others that he was the Kunzang Sherab's reincarnation.It was clear that dharma protectors were watching over him and in particular, he was constantly assisted in the accomplishment of miraculous activities by Ekatsatri,the principle female protector of the Secret Mantra.

At the age of twelve,accompanied by several monks,Gyatrul Rinpoche arrived at the Palyul monastery.Gyatrul Rinpoche received from his guru,Karma Gyurmed, all of the Nam Cho and other important transmissions of this trandition.

From Jamgon Tai Situ Pedma Nyinched Wangpo,Gytrul Rinpoche took full ordination and received the name Karma Kunzang Tenzin.Following this, he stayed for two years with the omniscient Jamgon Lodro Thaye,at the Palpung retreat center.During these two years,he studied the Sanskrit grammar book,Chandrapa,literature and poetry,and later received the title,Scholar of Literature.He also studied the Gyud Lama and many other major scriptures.

At Dzongsar Tashi Lhatsei monastery,Gyatrul Rinpoche and Khentsey Rinpoche together received extensive Kagyed empowerments from Jamgon Lodro Thaye Rinpoche,he also received all the empowerments transmissions and commentaries for the great Rinchen Ter Dzod(Precious Terma Treasury).

Gyatrul Rinpoche received from Jamyang Khentse Wangpo the two traditions on the view and practice of bodhicitta;all the Longchen Nyingthig transmissions;the Gyud Lug Phurbu(Jigme Lingpa'sVajrakilaya);the Yonten Dzod(Treasury of Pure Qualities)root and commentary texts.In short,he received transmissions for and thoroughly studied all of the major scriptures of the lineages of kama and terma. Advancing his meditative experience in the generation,completion and Great Perfection stages,Gyatrul Rinpoche manifested the pure qualities and signs of true accomplishment.

In Gyatrul Rinpoche's life story,there were many accounts of mirculous activities accomplished by the oth-bound dharma protectors who continuously befriended him.As an example,when he would pack articles away from storage,they would have doubled or tripled in number by the time they were unpacked. Gyatrul Rinpoche gave ordination to thousands of monks.

Traveling to Golog Serthar,Gyarong and Gojo on many occasions,Gyatrul Rinpoche gave many empowerments,transmissions andteachings in the homes of a mutitude of partons.During these visits,he also made generous offerings to the branch Palyul monasteries located there,givving them new supports for the doctrine and providing them with seed,money for important projects.He made many generous offerings to the greater sangha communities and restored old and danaged images and thankas.

Duing Kunzung Sherab's life, there were around three thousand resident monks at Palyul monastery.During Gyatrul Rinpoche's life,the number of resident monks had dropped to five hundred,with another one thousand congregating on special occasions.This decline was due to the degeneracy of the times,yet Gyatrul Rinpoche always made his best to support each monk by making as many offerings as he possible could.

From the time of Kunzang Sherab until the time of Gyatrul Rinpoche, the Palyul trandition continued to purely uphold the Nyingma Kama lineage of empowerments,transmissions and commentaries.The Kama tradition of mantra practice accomplishment remained very firmed,but the Kama tradition of study and contrived accomplishment had declined in strength.

In 1882, the 15'th rabjung year of the water Hourse,Gyatrul Rinpoche built the new Darthang Do Ngag Shedrub Ling monastery in Golog.Monks from the monasteries of Gyarong Serthar and Hor assembled at the new monastery to study and practice the Palyul tradition and one thousand monks regularly assembled to practice all the traditional accomplishment practices,lama dances,preliminary pratices and Great Perfection mountain retreat training.

Gyatrul Rinpoche became aware while in the state of pure vision,that location of Darthang monastery was abundant with precious wish-fulfilling trees,endowed with luscious fruits. The vision indicated that the doctrine of scriptural and meditational realization would flourish at that location and that the lineage holders themselves would be like wish-fulfilling trees,upholding adn spreading the doctrine.

When Gyatrul Rinpoche returned to his own Palyul monastery,he built a new temple,leaving Lhatrul Pedma Garwang in charge.He then entered into retreat,while simultaneously continuing to build supports for the Buddha's Doctrine.

When the great Jamyang Khentsey Rinpoche passed from this world, Gyatrul Rinpoche outwardly appeared to be extremly disheartened.In 1891,at the age of sixty-two.on the twenty-second day of the fifth month,with all the signs of having reached the highest stages on the path to liberation,Gyatrul Rinpoche passed beyond this world.