Originally in india, the land of Ayas, there was no distinction between the earlier and later school of Buddhism. However, in Tibet, the land of snow mountain ranges, this distinction exists and different paths have emerged.Unless one enters the path that leads to liberation, there is no way to achieve the ultimate goal.The secret mantra clear light Great Perfection school of Nyingmapa upholds the doctrines and practices which accomplish the ultimate goal.

The six major mother monasteries upholding the doctrinal principles of the Nyingmapa school are likened to Lake Manasarowara,the source of all asian rivers. These monasteries are Dorje Drag and Mindroling; Shechen and Dzogchen;Kathog and Palyu.Like the reverberating beat of a great drum, the fame of these six monasteries resounds through the located three worlds.

From the time of primordial protector,Samantabhadra, down to our own root gurus, the Palyul tradition has hosted hundreds and thousands of beings who have achieved the raibow body (transfer physical into light ,i.e. spiritual purity ) and other profound accomplishments.

His Holiness Chogtrul Rinpoche (Rinpoche means jewel,which do honor to) ,who is said to be emanation of Manjushri [bodhisattva], with compassion and immeasurable wisdom, set this net and may  spread the precious doctrine of Buddha to benefit  all sentient beings. Now Chogtrul Rinpoche has built several practice centers in Taiwan and always traveles around main-land and devotes to rebuilt Dhartang manastery in order to continue and benefit the pure tradition of Nyingmaba. Especially in this times, to view and meditation of the Great Perfection Ati Yoka is considered to be most exalted and the most difficult to meet. So please treasure this most precious jewel!